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Green Veggie Puree

Green Veggie Puree     Ingredients: 1 Large peeled potato 1 Large green pepper A handful of trimmed green beans A handful of spinach (optional for consistency ) Breast milk   Method: Peel and chop potato. Wash and chop green pepper. Trim green beans and chop in half. Wash spinach and tear in half. place… Read More Green Veggie Puree

Week By Week

25 Weeks Old

25 Weeks Old. Almost 6 months..HALF A YEAR! Where did that go? In a blur of cluster feeds, leaps,  growth spurts, lack of sleep, tears of happiness, laughter and sheer enjoyment of every second. That’s where. I would be a liar if I said the lack of sleep isn’t slowly killing me off.. but I… Read More 25 Weeks Old

Week By Week

20 Weeks Old

20 Weeks Old. 20 weeks and 4 days in – 20 weeks and 4 days out This week it has dawned on me just how much Zachary has grown, and just how quickly he has developed. Especially in the last few weeks. He is 5 months old in a week. He’s ALMOST a toddler, and… Read More 20 Weeks Old

Week By Week

19 Weeks Old

  19 Weeks Old. Zachary turned 19 weeks on Saturday just gone. Where have the last 4 and a half months gone?! And now you’re dressing like a proper little boy, its apparent I have to let go of the fact you’re not a newborn anymore. It’s crazy how fast Zac is growing. Like, literally… Read More 19 Weeks Old

Week By Week

18 Weeks Old

Zachary was 18 weeks old as of Saturday. We are on a role!  Zac has mastered rolling from his tummy to his back, and is half way to rolling from his back to his tummy. He gets to his shoulder and just needs to figure out for to make the last bit to get onto… Read More 18 Weeks Old