Week By Week

18 Weeks Old

Zachary was 18 weeks old as of Saturday. We are on a role!  Zac has mastered rolling from his tummy to his back, and is half way to rolling from his back to his tummy. He gets to his shoulder and just needs to figure out for to make the last bit to get onto… Read More 18 Weeks Old

Week By Week

17 Weeks Old

17 Whole weeks. 4 months old in 2 days time. Oh my. It’s been quite a crazy week this week for Zachary. He has developed LOADS, and it literally seems like he has grown up overnight. So last Friday we got out Zachary’s Jumperoo to see how he liked it ready for when he was… Read More 17 Weeks Old

Week By Week

16 Weeks Old

So Zac turned 16 weeks old on Saturday, and is 17 weeks old tomorrow! We’ve had a relatively unproductive yet busy week. We went to our first play group last Friday with Charlotte and her little boy Caleb – Zachary’s first little friend! So cute! Zachary was surprisingly chilled and quite happy considering the week… Read More 16 Weeks Old

Week By Week

15 Weeks Old

15 WEEKS OLD! Crazy. I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day with Zachary this past week. What a special day. I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful little boy, I could not be more proud to be his mummy. We spent the day as a family day and saw my mum and step mum… Read More 15 Weeks Old


14 Weeks Old

14 Weeks Old. I know I say this every week, but it really is surreal how fast time is going. Seeing Zachary learn and grow everyday is absolutely amazing. Literally every day he does something new. We’ve had a wonderful week, as Mat has had the full week off work with us! So lots of… Read More 14 Weeks Old

Week By Week

12 Weeks Old

12 weeks old. Almost three whole months, how crazy! Zachary is changing and growing so quick. He’s definitely taking more of an interest in the things around him. And he’s LOVING spending time on his play gym (still not a fan of tummy time though!) he’s focus in on the toys and bright colours and… Read More 12 Weeks Old

Week By Week

11 Weeks Old

11 weeks old. I think it’s still very much feels like time is going at lightning speed. Zachary is growing SO fast, I can’t believe it! Whatever did I do to deserve such a beautiful little boy? Little man is definitely finding his hands, whenever he’s laid down and has his hands in the air,… Read More 11 Weeks Old

Week By Week

10 Weeks Old

Ten weeks old. TEN! I feel like I’m really struggling to get a firm grip of time, it’s going by so fast. We’ve noticed a huge amount of difference in Zachary this week, he’s a lot more alert and is soaking up every last bit of information his little brain can. It makes us so… Read More 10 Weeks Old