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Evie’s Birth Story

August 11th 2018

The day we became four.

It was a Saturday morning, our nephews birthday actually. We had planned to go around to Mat’s parents with the family to see everyone and give gifts.

We had a relatively relaxed morning, like any other Saturday. We woke and came down for breakfast. We sat on the sofa and watched Zachary play. It was 9:30am I was having braxton hicks jut like I had throughout the whole of this pregnancy. I got up to get myself ready for the day, sat down in the office with my makeup and had my first contraction at 9:45am. I sat for 5 minutes, them coming every 2 minutes and lasting around 40 seconds, I said to Mat I was certain these were contractions and that I was immediately in a lot of pain. He went off to get a shower and get himself dressed, so I continued trying to get my makeup on.

at 9:54am whilst Mat was in the shower, I text my mum (who was at work at the time) telling her I was having contractions and as I was due to drop her off to go out later that evening I joking said if things don’t progress quickly like they did last time that she should be mindful not to get too drunk, lol!

She called me less than 2 minutes after I text her and I was midway through a very strong contraction, I said that I was definitely going to go quickly as I had only been having contractions for less than 15 minutes and I had been having them less than every 2 minutes. She ended to call to call her boss to see if she could get off work and meet us at the house (or hospital depending how quick she could get to us).

I started what felt like a mountain treck up the stairs to Mat to get him out the shower and call his parents to collect Zachary. He was a little shocked to say the least at how quickly I had gone from first contraction to full blown wrap around contractions in just a few minutes. He hopped out the shower and called his dad. They were going to be 15 minutes. I handed Mat a list of what needed to be done now I was in labour and basically rendered unable to move for the pain.

  • Bring Zachary’s overnight bag to the front door
  • Put his toothbrush and toothpaste in the bag
  • Put mine and babies bags in the car
  • Install baby’s car seat in the car..

At 10:10am approx I felt like I needed a wee.. sat on the toilet and my waters broke. Then my contractions got worse, and only around a minute and a half apart.

I came downstairs adamant I wanted to finish putting some makeup on before leaving for the hospital (typical me but it made me feel more together). I stood rocking and breathing through the contractions trying not to panic as Mats parents arrived, I was stood in the landing with Zachary and I think he knew something was wrong with me, he was quite upset at the fact I was in pain, and I had a little cry and said my goodbyes to my baby, my only baby for the last time.

Mats parents arrived at around 10:25/10:30am. Mat took Zachary down to their car and loaded his bags in. I waddled out to their car through contractions to kiss him goodbye and tell him we would see him soon with his baby brother or sister.


Mats parents more or less got straight off and we collected my last bits I wanted in my hospital bags that I couldn’t add until we were leaving. Mat called the maternity ward for me as I couldn’t speak through my contractions and they advised we went straight in.

We set off from our house at around 11:10am and began the drive to the hospital.

We were both a little nervous, I was in a lot of pain and Mat was trying to drive as smoothly as possible as every last movement made my contractions worse. As did having to sit, I just wanted to stand and move through them. But we were excited too. It was this really surreal drive to the hospital, knowing we would have our baby so soon, and after all this time we would finally know if we had a daughter or another son.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:30am exactly as I looked at the clock, and mat ran out to pay for parking and grab my bags as I painfully tried to walk as quickly as I could through my contractions to the entrance of the hospital doors. My mum had called while we were in the car to say she was on her way to meet us at the hospital and I remember telling her to come as fast as she could as I didn’t know how much longer I was going to hold on before baby was here. And I so desperately wanted my mum to be here with us.

A man had obviously clocked me in the car park – noticeably in labour and he very kindly ran ahead of me to get a wheelchair and some staff. He came running out with this chair for me and the receptionist in tow. She told me a midwife was on her way down as I genuinely didn’t know If I was going to have the baby on the way inside – my contractions were so close together and I had so much pressure in my bits, I felt like I really needed to go to the toilet for a number two.

I was rushed up and straight into a delivery room, I begged the midwife to take my pants and shorts off mid contraction and she whipped them off for me and got my straight on the bed. She asked if I wanted any pain relief and I said no, as I don’t like the idea of anything going to baby, so all I will have is gas and air if I feel I need it. She got me to lay down to examine me as quickly as she could, as laying down was excruciating for me, it just did nothing to relieve my contractions. She examined me and I asked for gas and air as it was unbearable. I started on the gas and she continued, I was 9cm.

I asked her to move the bed so it was like a chair as having my feet lower than my hips made it ease. I got through another 40 minutes of contractions and going between feeling like I was going to poo myself and like I wanted to push. I could feel though in my mind I was scared to push as I was so worried I would poo (stupid I know, but at this point I had diarrhoea for 6 days prior and was terrified of shooting it at the midwife). Mat was holding my hand and telling me how wonderful I was doing and that it wouldn’t be long until baby was here.

My mum arrived at around 12:15pm (ish, I can’t actually remember exactly) But I cried when she came through the door and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said to me “I thought I wasn’t going to make it and you’d have already had the baby” and I sobbed and told her “I told you I’d hold on for you” and she came and held my hand.

My contractions were around a minute apart and I started having an unbearable pain in my pubic bone which felt like it was being pushed up and it was going tear out of me. As well as my contractions being excruciating at this point, I started to be unable to focus myself and kept losing myself in them. I’d told my midwife I wanted an elective episiotomy as I had has a large grade II one when giving birth to Zachary, and it had healed with very tight scar tissue and was slightly keloid. I feared it had no give in it and I didn’t want to naturally tear and would rather have the previous cit, re-cut to manage it and control it too. She informed a colleague this is what I wanted and said I could have that, but it could be done until baby was crowning.

I started pushing around 1pm (ish) but was holding myself back still scared of going to the toilet at the same time, but then I physically could not stop the urge to push, my body wouldn’t let me hold back any longer. I just let go of being scared and pushed with everything I had. After a few pushes I I actually shot amniotic fluid up my midwives arm and side of her head and face (yes, It actually fired out of me with such force and she had her head in the wrong place at the wrong time). I pushed again and screamed my bit between my vagina and bum was burning, and that was because babies head was crowning. And then the head was out! there was no time to perform the episiotomy. and with one more push baby was born and pulled onto my tummy.


Absolute relief washed over me. And love, so much love.


Mat called out as they pulled baby onto my tummy “Oh Shannon, it’s a boy!!” and I replied “oh my god” absolutely beaming.

The midwife shook her head at him and turned babies bits towards him. and he shouted “No, its a girl!! IT’S A GIRL” and I looked at him and shouted “it’s a girl?!” and looked down at our DAUGHTER in absolute awe. We were just so, SO over the moon. A girl, a daughter. A GIRL!!

Evie Alice, born 11th August 2018 at 1:29PM.



This HAS to be one of my favourite and treasured memories.

I had a delayed cord clamp and physiological third stage. So I birthed the placenta myself instead of getting the injection to get it out. I held Evie on me for around 25 minutes until the cord has stopped pulsing and was completely white. Then my mum cut her cord, just like she did with Zachary’s cord. And the placenta came 15-20 minutes later.

As soon as Evies cord was cut I brought her up to feed and she did. Really, really well! And I fed her while I was checked over as I had actually torn, and I’d tore the episiotomy scar from Zachary’s birth. Luckily she didn’t think I needed stitches as it was a grade I, maybe a slight grade II, but called a colleague to give a second opinion anyway. And they both agreed it would be okay.


My labour was just 3 hours and 40 minutes long. From first contraction, to her being born!

It was SO much more intense and painful than my labour and birth with Zachary. But I’d do it again in a heart beat.


We had Evies initial birth checks done and weight – a wonderful 6lb 9oz. I had my checks and discharge paperwork sorted and we were able to leave the hospital at 7:35pm and spent our first night at home together. Mat brought Zachary home the following morning to meet his new baby sister. I can’t explain the feeling I had, seeing my first born baby – who had been my only baby, now a big brother with his little sister. My heart is so full, and had doubled in ways I never knew it could.


We are so blessed to have two beautiful babies.






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