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Behind The Screens

Behind the screens.

How often do you get to see what goes on behind the screens. Like, what really goes on? Are peoples lives as perfect as they make them out to be on social media?

The  short answer is no. They don’t have perfect lives, it’s just what they choose to show you.

It’s something I’m seeing an awful lot, particularly on the parent and mummy community on instagram. I see so many people get upset and express so much guilt that they don’t have lives like the ones they see on social media. But what we’re forgetting, is just like you and I, they’re showing you only the best bits.

The one with the prefect figure.. she just chose the best posed picture out of the 50+ she took whilst sucking in so hard it’s made her dizzy.

That mum who takes her children out to different places everyday.. She has post natal and her health visitor has told her to get out of the house more, to help her feel better.

The mum who is always showing off her children’s new clothes or toys.. she might work her ass off doing silly long hours at work, to the point she might not see he children for a good portion of the week.. so she compensates by buying them material things because she feels guilty.

The parents who make having more than one child look like a breeze and always post how lucky they are to have such well behaved children.. They spend their evening arguing because they’re both exhausted from running around all day after the kids, and being up all night for feeds with the littlest.


Do you see where I’m going with this?

The pictures and snippets that you see no social media are just that. PICTURES AND SNIPPETS. Snippets of peoples lives, a literal second out of their day. You don’t see what goes on behind the screen of those seemingly perfect people. I think it’s really important for us all to remember this. No matter what you’re feeling from seeing all those ‘wonderful lives’ you wish were yours. They’re just normal people, showing off the best bits for everyone to see.

It takes less than a second for a photo to capture a moment, and in that moment it might look like everything is perfect. But in reality its probably taken a good 20 minutes to actually take that picture.. moving things out the way, trying to get the kids to smile or pose candidly.. they’re put a full face of makeup on just for that ‘natural beauty’ look. #NoMakeup.



Through social media you look at peoples lives through tunnel vision, you don’t get to see the mess that’s just out of frame. They will be dealing with just as much, if not more shit than you, they’re just good at hiding it. They’re pristine houses are probably quite messy in some places, it’s just shoved out of the way of what they’re showing you. It’s so easy for people to pretend and portray the perfect life online, simply because they don’t have to show you anything other than what they wan’t to show you.


I hope it makes a few more people think about what they’re seeing online and the differences in real life. Not everything is what it seems. Don’t get wrapped up in what other people have or do. Concentrate on yourself and be true to you, and you’ll start to realise how much better you feel about things once you’ve stopped comparing your life to others. I promise, you won’t regret living for yourself and nobody else.






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