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My Breastfeeding MUST Haves

Our breastfeeding journey is still thriving 9 months on, but it has been far from easy. In the beginning we had so many issues, I’m sometimes still in awe of myself for pushing through and my determination to solely breastfeed. I’ve put together a little list of some essentials I felt like I couldn’t have gotten to where I am with out!

SO.. aside from the basic essentials such as breast pads, nursing bras, easy access clothing (they don’t necessarily have to be nursing tops, just ones that are easy to lift or pull down), here are a few of my must haves that I would recommend having to every breastfeeding mama!



The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump from Haakaa


Now this little do dad is an absolute GEM! For all you mamas who feed and don’t like to waste the excess milk you leak from the other side when your let down starts.. THIS is the item for you!

It is literally one of the best items I have bought when it comes to milk collection. It uses the simplest suction to draw out your milk once your let down has started, you just squeeze over your breast and hey presto! It does the hard work for you! It stops milk being wasted into breast pads, and is fab for a quick and easy collection if you don’t have time to get out your manual or electric pumps. There’s no wires or fiddly bits, its a one piece wonder! Just sterilise and go!

Purchase here!



The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Breast Pump


Image result for tommee tippee electric breast pump

Although this may seem like an obvious one, I wouldn’t be anywhere without my pumps. I have two separate Tommee Tippee electric pumps (as sadly they do not make a double one in the UK) and these have been my saving grace. They’re comfortable, the flange is silicone so it doesn’t cause blisters (though this is down to personal experience, flanges are different on everyone) its easy to assemble and entirely comes apart for easy cleaning and sterilising. The three setting it offers are great for stimulating the best output.

Building a stash of breast milk in the freezer has been an absolute dream for me with this! it’s even helped me donate my precious breast milk to tiny babies in the NICU!

Purchase here – it’s on sale too!  


Tommee Tippee Nipple Shields

Two Nipple Shields


Now when you think of nipple shields, you usually think that they’re to alleviate the pain. And they totally work for that! But for us, we used them to actually allow me to breastfeed on one of my breast that I could not feed from initially due to Zachary refusing my nipples. Now that was something I didn’t expect to happen at all, I assumed breastfeeding would come naturally, but in reality things like this happen a low, especially with prem babies! So theyre handy to have, even if you don’t end up needing them!




Nipple balms and creams

You literally can’t have enough nipple creams and balms to help soothe the discomfort in the first few weeks! They are literal life savers when you’re cracked and sore (which can still happen, even if babe has a perfect latch). And when they’re no longer needed for your sore nips – they make great lip balms for chapped lips!


Lactation Goodies

Now I would be nowhere without the few absolute gems I have stumbled upon in the lactation goodie world!

They have saved my sanity on more than one occasion (especially with my milk and feeding being a big trigger for my anxiety) These just gave me that piece of mind I was making sure my milk was healthy and I was getting those extra ingredients I wouldn’t usually get from my regular diet. They’re packed with milk ‘enhancing’ ingredients which are supposed to help promote healthy milk production! Now in my personal experience nothing helps maintain your supply better than feeding and pumping, HOWEVER these have actually worked for me! I noticed a substantial difference in the quality AND quantity of my milk!

Get them HERE               ….and HERE 





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