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32 Weeks Old / 7 Months Old

  7 Months old. 


30 weeks in – 30 weeks out


32 weeks earth side. Only 5 more weeks and Zachary will have been earth side as long as he was in my tummy. I can’t actually believe how quickly this has come around.

I feel like I’m struggling more now with the fact that he is growing up so fast, much more than I was before. Especially considering what he has been here almost as long as I was pregnant. I’m trying to embrace every waking moment with him and all that he is learning without worrying that he is growing up too quickly.



So it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind few weeks since I last updated.

Zachary is now officially crawling properly on his knees, and he has FINALLY learnt to sit up unaided. (granted, it is on his own terms)

So not only is Zachary now fully mobile, but he is bloody fast at it! We’ve installed a new baby gate at the top of the first set of stairs as our lounge is on the first floor. So I feel much better knowing he can’t fall downstairs if he ventures into the hall whilst we are playing.

It’s funny how the sitting came about, for months and months Zachary has refused to sit. And I mean literally refused. He would always rather be on his feet stood up, or laid on the floor crawling. I bought him a little wooden house with a roof that you slot different shapes into, and he loves it! I sat down on the floor and opened it up, he immediately crawled over so I tried to sit him between my legs, and just like that he let me sit him down and he sat there all by himself with NO support! Mat and I were blown away. He is growing up so, so fast.



I’ve really been trying to bring on his vocabulary by talking to him all the time. We chatter about all sorts and I tell him about what I’m doing and what there is to see while were out and about. I think that the more you talk to your children while they are babies, the easier they will grasp spoken language. (from what I have read, anyway) So I make a point of talking and singing to Zachary all the time. But Mat and I have been trying to get him to say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’.. so far we’ve not managed to get him to copy us, however he has made his first word/sound today and that was ‘ba ba ba’!



We’ve mostly stayed at home for the past week or so, I’ve had really bad hayfever and Zachary has a mix of a cold and teething. (not a good combination, I’ll tell you that for nothing!)

I’ve had a little bit of an issue with a dipped milk supply again, but I’m not 100% sure if that is down to the fact that I have been under the weather with hayfever or if my milk is dripping slightly due to Zachary being a little bit all over with his feeding. Some days nursing is all he wants to do, and others it’s almost a fight to get him to feed. So I feel a little deflated over that and we’re going to be going back on nursing vacation in the next few days so I can try and feed him as much as possible, and pump as much as possible to re-boost my supply to where it was.



We have added another meal into the mix along side breastfeeding. So up to now Zachary has been having breastmilk during the day and night, and a portion of puree on an evening for dinner when Mat gets home. We have now added in a portion of porridge for breaskfast too! So we will see how this goes.

I’m really enjoying making all Zachary’s purees from scratch myself, it means I know exactly what is going into his dinner and it’s so fun making them!



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