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Lactation Cookies – What We Think

So as you all know, I am that crazy breastfeeding mummy. I live and breathe for breastfeeding.

Our breastfeeding journey has not been the smoothest, or easiest with all the hurdles we have overcome so far. But we will continue for as long as I’m able to produce this magical milk for.

There are plenty of lactation boosting ‘super foods’ and supplements out there for breastfeeding mums. I have mostly swayed away from these being a believer that nursing/pumping as often as possible and skin to skin is the best way to promote lactation.. HOWEVER, I have tried two lactation goodies from different small businesses and they have surplussed my expectations. And guess what? For me.. they did actually work! So what did we try?

MAMA BEAR MILK BOOST – Lactation Cookies

Mama Bear Milk Boost are a brilliant business that make lactation treats and cookies. So what are the cookies made of to help with lactation? The mixes are filled with amazing ingredients such as brewers yeast, fenugreek, oats and flax seeds. These are all considered key ingredients for lactation products as they contain properties which are beneficial to breast milk production and supply.

They offer mixes in a variety of flavours. We tried the Almond Spice flavour, and I have to say they were delicious!

The mix itself is packaged beautifully, and when they arrived in the post they’re hand wrapped in lush paper with some clear and easy instructions, along with a few inspirational quotes and poems which is a lovely touch, especially when you need that little boost!

The cookies are super easy to make and took me no longer than 25 minutes start to finish and that’s including cleaning up and baking time!

All you need to add is butter and egg, or an alternative. As we are currently dairy free in our house instead of using butter I chose to use soya spread as a replacement and blended banana as an egg replacement.

The fact that these cookies keep in the fridge for up to two weeks in an air tight container is brilliant because it means you can make them and not feel like you have to eat them all withing a short amount of time.

How long did it take to see results?


So I saved these lactation cookies for a rainy day (that rainy day being the day I realised my supply had significantly dropped due to Zachary teething and going on a partial nursing strike – resulting in my oversupply diminishing and producing a less than adequate output during my usual pump sessions in-between feeds.)


So I put myself on nursing vacation and literally stayed home for a week, sat with no top on and nursed as much as Zachary would allow, then pumped as much as I could in between too. I took two cookies a day for a week, as the pack makes 12 cookies (though I made 14 from mine, yay!). So one in a morning with my breakfast, and one on an evening at around 4/5pm.

It took about 2/3 days for me to noticed results, and for me – especially during such a dip in my supply honestly made me the happiest mummy ever! I could have kissed the makers of these cookies! So I noticed that not only was my pumping output increasing again, but the QUALITY of my milk was amazing! The fat content had almost doubled, and on some days maybe even tripled from what it usually was! I know this because I usually pump and put it in the fridge until evening then divvy it out into freezable milk bags to go in the freezer, and often my fat separates from the more watery parts of my milk – thus allowing me to actually see the difference with my own eyes!



Would I recommend these to breastfeeding mummies?

YES! Absolutely yes! The products are amazing and I am so impressed, I have recommended these already and given a mix to my friend to try too!


Now obviously baring in mind that these will work differently on each individual who uses them, however for me they really worked and I have found my new go-to lactation treat!

If you head over to mamabearmilkboost.co.uk they have a fantastic SALE on their delicious mixes at the minute! So stock up and give a few flavours a try!


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