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29 Weeks Old / 6 Months Old

So things have been a little crazy in our house for the past few weeks, and our blog has been a little neglected.

However we’re almost back to normal (our version of normal, anyway)

6 Months Old. 28 Whole weeks.

As of the 17th of June, Zachary was HALF A YEAR old! Half of a whole year. And 29 weeks as of today.  I am utterly speechless at how quickly these last 6 months have gone. It really doesn’t seem like 2 minutes ago I went into early labour and the realisation that we we’re going to meet our little boy a lot sooner than we had thought.

I would literally give anything to re-live it. I feel like the moment that he was born he just completed me.



It’s been a surreal last 6 months. There are so many things that Zachary has learnt and is still learning everyday. And so many things that we have learnt and are learning! It’s actually crazy thinking about what is to come and just how much there is to look forward to!

Zachary has really taken a HUGE developmental leap in the past two weeks. He is now army crawling around after his toys! Not only is he army crawling, but he is desperately trying to crawl properly! He has not figured out how to get onto his knees and rock back and forth, he just needs to figure out how to move his legs whilst up on his knees to go forwards properly.

He is such a bright little boy.

He is so interested in anything you have in your hands, if he sees it, he wants it. Especially phones and remotes.

His personality is shining through more and more each day. He gets shy with strangers and snuggles into either me or Mat to hide his face. He cries with unfamiliar people.. though I am noticing a trend with breads, he cries mainly at those! ( lucky for Mat he can’t grow one)

He is so cheeky! Always smiling and now he giggles at lost of things, mostly me and Mat either singing or pulling faces and doing silly voices! He did his first belly laugh at my friend Charly’s house the other week! I instantly sobbed right there, on the spot the second he did it. It was so magical to hear for the first time, and at something as little as Charley’s dogs jumping around. It was lovely. I managed to get a little recording of him laughing at the dogs to show mat once I got home too! I like to make sure that anything Zachary does whilst Mat is at work, I at least manage to record or take a little picture of what it is he has done so Mat can see it too.

He has become SO vocal in the last week or so, he makes all sorts of noises now. He’s not got to the point of making word like noises, but he really babbles now!

So now Zachary is 6 months we have started to introduce some food. I decided that I feel more comfortable going down the puree route rather than baby led weaning. Mainly for personal reasons, because I am naturally a very anxious person and the idea of giving him proper bits of food that he could choke on sends my anxiety through the roof.  I know that the cheek muscles are developed enough to chew etc.. but I just don’t fee comfortable with it. So pureeing and liquefying food is the way were going to go!

We’ve not tried much at the moment as we have only properly introduced food around 2 weeks ago, however he LOVES sweet potato puree! He just can’t seem to get enough!

We were fortunate enough to have been bought a Philips Avent baby food maker that steams and blends food! I absolutely LOVE it! It’s so handy and I’m looking forward to making all Zachary’s food from scratch myself. I’d like to know exactly what he’s eating and know it’s healthy and made by us.


We’ve had a little trouble with breastfeeding, not anything to do with the feeding itself.. more the lack of feeding. Zachary’s went on what I can only describe as a partial nursing strike, possibly due to teething. That then resulted in my losing a substantial amount of my supply, but we’ve managed to get it back up almost entirely to what it was. – So this is mainly the reason we’ve been so MIA.



We’ve taken a HUGE leap for us as parents, and we’ve put Zachary in his own room last week! It was really strange and made me feel very uneasy all night to begin with, but now it feels like we did the right thing and Zachary seems very happy in his own room too!

We found that we were waking Zachary up getting into bed and in a morning when Mat He seems to be sleeping a little better in his own room. And sleeping in general is getting better than it was.

He’s now going from around 10pm-ish to between 2-4am on a good day and then its mostly every hour from then. However, considering before we wouldn’t go any longer than 2 hours solid at a time, it is definitely better this way. It just means me and Mat are getting a little bit of time together before bed too.



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