Week By Week

25 Weeks Old

25 Weeks Old.

Almost 6 months..HALF A YEAR!

Where did that go? In a blur of cluster feeds, leaps,  growth spurts, lack of sleep, tears of happiness, laughter and sheer enjoyment of every second. That’s where.

I would be a liar if I said the lack of sleep isn’t slowly killing me off.. but I think I have accepted the fact that sleeping through the night isn’t going to happen for us for quite some time.

Zachary however, has had some better nights sleep in the past week..but equally terrible nights sleep too.

For the most part the sleep situation for the last two weeks has been a total write off, maybe for except three days. Zachary has been incredible clingy and restless throughout the night. We haven’t been able to properly get him off to sleep and put him down in his cot without waking the very second his booty touches his mattress, until almost 12am. Then he has been waking at around 2am for another feed, and has had trouble dropping back off properly and has ended up in a restless light sleep where he has been waking almost every hour for a feed until around 5:30am then I’ve been managing to get him back off to sleep enough for me to feel human again and drag myself out of bed with our very alert and awake little boy.

Though the three decent nights we had were very good for Zachary! He slept for maybe 4 hours solid and peacefully before waking for his first feeds.

As you can imagine with a child that clearly has no intention of staying asleep.. four hours was HEAVENLY for us!

I have definitely noticed how much Zachary has grown in the past two weeks. He is so bloody long! To say he is quite a small baby, 14lbs at 25 weeks old. And still has lots of room in his 3-6 month clothes, he is however outgrowing the trousers in terms of leg length. It’s crazy! 6-9 month clothes are humongous on him, bury him in waist size and basically hang off him, but in leg length they’re probably not all that long on him. I don’t think it would be long until we have to switch to 6-9 months just for his height with the trousers.

I’ve also noticed that Zachary is really settling into his personality and has been showing us just how cheeky he is. He has found his voice, of lord can he make some high pitched noises when he want’s to. He will chatter away to us, oohing and ahhing.

Both his hands and his feet are constantly in his mouth, along with anything else he can get his hands on. He loves to have raspberries blown on his tummy and the sides of his neck. He giggles at his daddy and absolutely lights us when he see’s him.

The rolling over onto his front in his sleep seems to have died down.. I think the novelty of being able to roll has worn off for Zac now. Though he still rolls over at every chance he gets when it comes to changing time. He just will not stay still anymore. If its not rolling over or trying to escape by pushing his legs off the wall, its thrusting his bottom into the air to escape having his nappy put on.

We spent this Friday with Charley and Zachary’s best friend Caleb at baby group. Both me and Charley have started a learning journal for our babies, so I’m looking forward to seeing how those turn out!

I absolutely LOVE seeing Zac and Caleb together, and I’m so excited for them to grow up together. They’re only a few weeks apart in age, so in a few months we won’t even notice a difference in their age and they will be off playing together and no doubt causing mischief.

Blessed would be how I’d describe it.

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