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23 Weeks Old

23 Weeks old.

How is Zachary 23 weeks old already? And where is the time going?

Zachary has developed so much, and so quickly in the last two weeks! He is ALMOST mobile! Oh my god, my house is going to be baby gate central! (we live in a town house, so lots of stairs!)

Zac has officially mastered rolling over from back to front as well as front to back. And I keep finding him on his tummy in his cot in the middle of the night.. which he loves to roll back onto no matter how many times I put him back on his back! So I think he prefers sleeping on his stomach, just like mummy! (though the first time I found him on his tummy in his cot I did cry.. we’ll blame that on the post partum hormones though..lol )

So along with  Zachary now mastering rolling, he is half way to being on the move properly! During tummy time he has started to desperately try to crawl, he just hasn’t quite figured it out yet. He kicks his legs and almost army crawls, if that makes sense? But he can’t quite figure out how to lift his bum up and use his knees or arms at the same time. He does reach out and grab at the floor or the mat he’s on to try and pull forward though.

He LOVES to roll around and grab his feet now! He found his feet properly about a week and a half ago, and literally hasn’t stopped playing with them since! he is always grabbing them and waving his legs around in the air. It’s almost impossible to change his nappy without having to hold him in place because he rolls about everywhere!

We have had such beautiful weather this week! We’ve been out and about enjoying the sunshine.

I changed Zachary’s pram from the carry cot to the seat unit this week! I must admit that was a little bit hard for me because all I want is for him to stay a tiny baby.. but he is growing up so fast! I think it’s for the best that I’ve changed it now, he seems a lot happier being able to see whats going on outside his pram and have a good nosey, because he is the nosiest boy ever!

We’ve been out with Charley and Caleb for some much needed sun, and it was soooo nice! We even had a little pit stop in a bird watching box to breastfeed our babes!

I have to tell you it is so amazing to have a friend who not only has a beautiful little boy the same age as Zachary, but is also breast feeding.

I don’t know what it is, but Zachary seems to have matured so much in such a short space of time and it’s making me realise that he isn’t a little newborn anymore. He is a growing little boy!

He loves being stood up and jumping, he never wants to be sat or laid down when being held at the moment!

I think we have almost cracked a bedtime routine.. almost! For maybe the past week? Zachary has been going to sleep after a feed between 7pm and 9pm. and he has been sleeping until around midnight/12:30am for his first feed and then then the night has been his normal 3/4 night feeds until morning. But the time that me and Mat are getting to spend together now Zachary has been sleeping for a  few hours has been a god send. I think we definitely needed some us time, and it’s just nice to have a few hours to ourselves.

But I definitively feel like we are getting somewhere with the bedtime routines, so I’m hopeful that this is the start of something good!

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