Week By Week

21 Weeks Old / 5 Months Old

Five whole months old today. 21 weeks and 4 days you have been earth side.

And just to show how much you have grown, here you are side by side with your picture at 20 weeks 4 days in and 20 weeks and 4 days out.

This was the scan that we found out you were a precious baby boy. I will remember the day and the way I felt for the rest of my life. Me and your daddy were so overcome with joy and awe. (Daddy really thought you were going to be a little girl, what an amazing surprise the gender scan was for us)

The second the sonographer asked if we wanted to know what you were and we said yes, my whole heart was in my mouth. And then she said “it’s a boy” and I felt my heart briefly stop out of shock.. Shock that things were so real and that we were going to have a son. A son that would be the sun in our universe. The sunshine on a rainy day, the light after dark and the warmth on our skin.

For me, this will forever be one of the most memorable days of my life. And it makes me really emotional. Time really is going so quickly, you’re five months old already!

This his week has brought a few challenges, mostly around sleep and feeding. But we are getting there!

Our ‘wind down’ time on an evening once bath time is done is going well. Zachary hasn’t seemed to have settled into a routine as such, but like I said before – I’m going at his pace now and not getting too wrapped up in worrying that he doesn’t have a set routine. Some babies don’t respond to routine, and some do. And that’s okay. Whatever we settle into will be fine, in the mean time I’m following Zacs lead.

I had Zachary weighed and he is 13lb 4oz! That is almost three times his birth weight of 5lb 5oz. And this is entirely from breast milk! (How AMAZING)  I am forever in awe that my body can nourish and allow my baby to thrive from what it produces.

Zachary has well and truly found his feet!

Since he has figured out that he can reach then and they’re pretty fun to play with – he hasn’t left them alone. He really is enjoying exploring his body and finding new fun things he can do every day!

Hes very nearly mastered the roll from his back to his tummy, he is still getting a little stuck on his shoulder and is yet to perfect getting over that to end up on his tummy, but he is definetly not far off!!

We we had our first laugh (out loud) last Wednesday. Ever since Zachary could smile he has laughed, but it’s been a airy laugh (if that makes sense? Like he laughs by breathing and doesn’t tent to make too much of a sound)

but he was playing in his jumperoo with me and he started to laugh, so I called Mat in who thankfully was working from home to listen, and he caught it too! We are so lucky that for both his first roll, first smile and now his first laugh, that mat has been home and wig us for all of it!

I must admit I was very nervous when mat went back to work after his paternity leave that he might miss out on the first milestones when they happened for the very first time. But up to now I have been incredibly lucky that he has been home with us on all occasions. Zachary must know that his daddy doesn’t want to miss it.

We have started a baby massage class with our children’s centre, and it is really nice to learn how to massage Zac properly to help him relax. I’ve been using this on an evening after his bath. Unfortunately Zac has developed eczema and has to have bath lotion and cream to help manage this now. So the baby massage class couldn’t of come at a better time.

The cream and bath additive are definitely helping his skin. We have seen an improvement in just the space of a week! His skin isn’t as dry or rough, and the eczema seems to be gettin better in most areas! We’re hoping that it is something that won’t get any worse in the long run as we would hate to see him suffer with it. Thankfully at the moment it doesn’t seem to be itching or bothering him. Here’s to hoping for the best!

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