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20 Weeks Old

20 Weeks Old.

20 weeks and 4 days in – 20 weeks and 4 days out

This week it has dawned on me just how much Zachary has grown, and just how quickly he has developed. Especially in the last few weeks. He is 5 months old in a week. He’s ALMOST a toddler, and it’s not going to be long before he is mobile. I can no longer call him a new born, and that makes me sad.

We have spent most of last week at home as both me and Mat have been unwell. It was my first sickness since Zachary has been here and it was awful feeling like I couldn’t look after him properly. Thankfully Zachary hasn’t caught anything from us.

Zachary has definitely found his voice. He is such a little chatter box with us now, and we can spend so much time cooing and ahhing and making all kinds of noises with him, he is SO responsive now and absolutely loves it!

Zac constantly wants to be wither sat up or stood up, he is so strong on his legs! Both Mat and I think he may well be an early walker as that seems to be all he wants to do – just to be on his feet and climbing up me and Mat or jumping up and down in his jumperoo.

We have made quite a big change in the past week. We have moved Zachary’s full size cot into our room and switched him from his swinging crib at the side of our bed into his cot at the foot of our bed. I’m hoping that by switching him to his cot he won’t wake himself up as much during the night by getting his arms and legs caught between the slats. Because he likes to sleep like a starfish, I’m hoping the extra room will help him sleep a little longer between his feeds. He is still very much waking just as often for his feeds through the night, we’re still going with 3/4 feeds from 12am – 7am, and he is still difficult to settle back to sleep in his own cot in-between. But we’re working on it.

I said in my last blog post that we were going to try changing up his routine to see if we could get him to sleep at around 8pm-ish so we could have a bit of time to ourselves on an evening. For the most part the routine change is going well, however getting Zac to sleep is proving to be the difficult one. He isn’t sleeping much at all in the day and has been going some days completely missing out a nap and only having 15 minutes sleep from falling asleep on the boob after his feed, then the second I put him down he is WIDE AWAKE. And then because he has been SO tired he has been danger napping at around 6pm before his bath.. NOT good as he is then wide awake until gone 10pm, and isn’t going down to sleep in his cot until 11pm, then waking again for his feed at around midnight.

I understand that breastfed babies don’t sleep as long as they wake for more feeds than formula fed babies do, because breast milk is more easily digested where as formula is not, meaning that formula fed babies are fuller for longer – so they don’t wake as often in the night. I’m just going with his flow and trying not to get too caught up with being super strict with routine and not getting frustrated when he doesn’t sleep when he is supposed to etc. He will fall into his own little routine, and I’ll follow that.

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