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19 Weeks Old

  19 Weeks Old.

Zachary turned 19 weeks on Saturday just gone. Where have the last 4 and a half months gone?! And now you’re dressing like a proper little boy, its apparent I have to let go of the fact you’re not a newborn anymore.

It’s crazy how fast Zac is growing. Like, literally growing SO fast. His feet now sit flat to the floor when he’s in his jumperoo and his feet are pretty much in the bottom of his 3-6 month baby grows now too.. which has pretty much happened overnight almost, considering I only swapped him to 3-6 month clothes around 2-3 weeks ago, and they were way too long for him. I wonder if he will be quite tall? – Both me and mat are relatively average height, but my side of the family (bar my mum who is the same height as me) are relatively tall.

We have been swimming with Charlie and Caleb this week – and it was Zachary’s first time in a swimming pool! I would say he enjoyed it, which I think he did. But he was incredibly tired and mardy because he is currently teething SO bad. But he didn’t cry or get upset, so it was a success! He did try eating Caleb’s hand and holding his arm, which is super cute! I can’t wait to see them become best friends and start playing properly together.

The nights are still not brilliant. With Zachary teething and still being fussy during his feeds, it has proved a difficult week and we are both extremely tired, and given the fact that he refuses to nap properly is wearing us both out a little. Last night was better, only 3 wakes but wouldn’t settle in his crib, only on me while suckling.

‘Leap 4’ is due to end this week, so I’m hoping that will end the sleep regression too. But we will see.

We have an upcoming appointment at a nursery this week ready for my return to work in November. We’re going to have a look around and speak to the staff about what they do on a day to day basis and how Zachary will be potentially going here. I feel quite anxious at the thought of having to leave him for 2/3 days when I go back to work, especially as these will be people that will be making a large contribution to his development when I’m at work. We will see how it goes though, there is another childminder/ nursery I’m keen to visit too. So I can compare and find the best and most comfortable place to send him.

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