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18 Weeks Old

Zachary was 18 weeks old as of Saturday.

We are on a role! 

Zac has mastered rolling from his tummy to his back, and is half way to rolling from his back to his tummy. He gets to his shoulder and just needs to figure out for to make the last bit to get onto his tummy. I’m so proud and absolutely amazed at how quickly he is picking up new things now! It feels like every day he learns to do something new and a little better!

He’s started to enjoy tummy time much more than before, though it still is’t his favourite!

Zac’s started to use his body as well as his arms to reach for his toys now too! When he’s playing in his jumperoo he has started to lean forward instead of just putting his arms out, so he can explore his toys even closer and pop them in his mouth.. he does that with everything now! He is definitely teething more so now than before, poor little peach. His hands are never not in his mouth, and if it’s not his hands it’s anything he can get his hands on.

We’ve had a pretty chilled out week for the most part, we’ve been to baby group again this Friday with Charlie and Caleb. It was so cute to see both Zachary and Caleb face to face on their tummies and to see them clock each other for the first time!

Nights are not brilliant at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s sleep regression or just a growth spurt – but is tough at the moment. Zac is waking on average around 3/4 times through the night. And that’s after he’s finally gone to sleep at around 11/12am. I’ve really struggled getting him into any sort of sleep routine on a nighttime, all the way from when he was born he has never gotten into a proper sleeping routine. But saying that, he also never sleeps longer than 3/4 hours in one go.

It’s tough because I know not all babies respond to routine and some sleep through the night and some don’t until they are much older. I think with how Zac has been from day one, he probably won’t sleep the night through the night for quite some time. depending on how busy the day has been, sometimes he will fall asleep for an hour or two at 8/9pm and then but up for a feed and drop back off to sleep properly between 10pm-12am. He then usually sleeps until around 2:30am then is up for a feed, and will be up anywhere up to 3 further times until around 7:30/8am.

It’s swings and round-abouts when it comes to sleeping. I think because he is exclusively breastfed, and it is much more digestible than formula, he doesn’t stay full for as long and that’s probably why he wakes so often – That and his tummy.

As of around a week or two ago we have fully transitioned into 3-6 month clothing. (queue crying mummy as hes not a tiny baby anymore)

I’ve just started dressing him in little jeans and chinos when we go out anywhere special, and keep him in his bay grows at home and if we’re not going anywhere in particular that he needs to be dressed up. He looks like such a little boy in his proper clothes.

I still can’t get over how handsome he is, and how much he looks like his daddy!

2 thoughts on “18 Weeks Old

  1. Love your blog! My little one is EBF also and she has the exact same sleeping pattern as your little guy, except she also just loves having my nipple in her mouth lol. I’m curious, do you plan on sleep training? If so, what method would you choose and when? Thanks 🙂

  2. Thank you!
    I’ve had a little look into the sleep training, but I think with how he is now, it might be a task and a half – and I don’t want to rock the boat and create unnecessary stress by trying to make him sleep when he won’t! I’m trying by switching up our routine a little and create a ‘wind down time’, so [email protected] let you know how that goes!

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