Week By Week

16 Weeks Old

So Zac turned 16 weeks old on Saturday, and is 17 weeks old tomorrow!

We’ve had a relatively unproductive yet busy week.

We went to our first play group last Friday with Charlotte and her little boy Caleb – Zachary’s first little friend! So cute!

Zachary was surprisingly chilled and quite happy considering the week I’d had with him. He sat and watched what the other babies were doing and liked the singing and sparkly star wrap at the end. It was really nice for me to get out with him and see another mummy and feel a little more sane.

As for the rest of the week I think it was pretty challenging for me. Zachary has become very unsettled around feeding and quite clingy for the most part.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it when he wants to be with me, and we bought a baby carrier so I can baby wear around the house and for when we go out for non buggy friendly walks.

Though I have no idea why he has become so fussy around feeding, every time hes feeding he will pull off but won’t unlatch before he does, meaning hes pulling my nipples like they’re made of putty (and they are definitely not! It bloody hurts.) but also he will start to cry and arch his back like a devil child. Even though he wants the boob, he will refuse to take it until i re-settle him and start again.

It’s two steps forward one step back at the minute, but hey ho,

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