Mummy Update

Behind The Screens

Behind the screens. How often do you get to see what goes on behind the screens. Like, what really goes on? Are peoples lives as perfect as they make them out to be on social media? The  short answer is no. They don’t have perfect lives, it’s just what they choose to show you. It’s… Read More Behind The Screens

Mummy Update

Bump Loss

So I wanted to talk about something that not a lot of us talk about, yet so many of us have felt it. Bump loss. And its very much a real thing.  It is real, and you shouldn’t feel silly for feeling that way. You are entitled to miss your bump, it was a huge… Read More Bump Loss

Mummies Kitchen

Green Veggie Puree

Green Veggie Puree     Ingredients: 1 Large peeled potato 1 Large green pepper A handful of trimmed green beans A handful of spinach (optional for consistency ) Breast milk   Method: Peel and chop potato. Wash and chop green pepper. Trim green beans and chop in half. Wash spinach and tear in half. place… Read More Green Veggie Puree